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Black Terns continue - 19 Jun 2024

I parked at Mouillee Creek this morning shortly before 7:15 am and biked onto the Middle Causeway. This week has been in the midst of a heat advisory with temps in mid-to-upper 90's and high humidity. This morning it was already 80F with little-to-no wind. I looped north to the middle dike of the Walpatich Unit to check the marsh. Marsh Wrens and Swamp Sparrows were singing and Blue-winged Teal were flushing from the marsh to my left. As the marsh opened up a number of Great Egrets and Killdeer were foraging in the shallow waters and grassy mattes. A Bald Eagle was perched in the middle of the marsh atop the dead tree. I listened for a Sedge Wren but came up empty. No Yellow-headed Blackbird, either. Continuing east toward the Banana Unit I rode next to the Bloody Run and Long Pond Units along the inner dike but found it mostly empty except for a pair of Sandhill Cranes in the Bloody Run. This family of Canada Geese were not happy w/ my presence as they, especially the litt

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