Oahu, Hawaii - 17 Nov 2007

Travel day. Norwegian Cruise Line folks picked up our bags and took them to the ship. Robin and I took a walk about town and stopped for coffee at Starbucks. The shuttle arrived at 11:10 and took us to the pier where the Pride of America awaited. At the pier I saw a single White Tern flying along the shoreline. After boarding the ship we went to our stateroom and unpacked. We had a view of downtown Oahu and the lovely (tic) warehouses below, but could see ships coming and going in the harbor. Lunch, rest, exploration of the ship, and dinner came. A nice rainbow in the early evening made for a few nice images, and I couldn’t help but admire some of the great architecture nearby. Just a few moments before departing I took a night shot of the city from our balcony. At 8pm we pulled out of port and headed for the open ocean.

As we exited the channel I noticed numerous shorebirds roosting on the buoys. It was too dark and the ship was moving too fast to properly ID them. I’m guessing that they were either Wandering Tattlers or Ruddy Turnstones only because they were fairly large birds. A couple of the buoys had roosting Brown Boobies that I could make out w/ my binoculars.


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