Bad Timing! - 30 Aug 2009

Spent the day doing yard work here in Wyandotte. Filled 5 large leaf bags with Morning Glory vines from the yard, pulled weeds, and cut the lawn. I also bought a new bird feeder (cedar hopper feeder) and put that together. Filled the thistle feeders and started watching the Goldfinches and House Finches move in to feed.
I was about to take down the Hummingbird feeders when I spotted a single Ruby-throated Hummingbird hovering in the yard. Darn! The feeders had mold floating in them, so I had to grab them quick and clean them. Darn! Out of sugar! Ok, get some water on the boil and head off to the store to get some more sugar.
I got back just as the water was boiling, and made a 4:1 H2O:sugar solution. As the solution was cooling I went back out to move a hanging basket of flowers that was just outside the kitchen window. As I'm preparing a place for a new nectar feeder another 2 Hummers flew through the yard. One bird went to feeder No. 1, which was not there. Darn! It then flew directly at me and hovered just inches overhead looking for feeder No. 2, which was not there. Darn!
I ran back inside and found that the nectar soln. was still a bit warm, so I filled both feeders and got them back outside. Now, I hope they'll come back one more time before moving on. I sure hope I wasn't too late....


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