Birding @ the Detroit Zoo - 25 Oct 2009

I've always made it a point w/ this blog to report only bird sightings. So my personal ethics were challenged this past Sunday when Robin and I visited the Detroit Zoo. It was a wonderful day, and we saw (and photographed) lots of animals. So I'm facing the dilemna of showing my favorite animal pics, or just sticking w/ the bird photos I took.

After a long, personal struggle I decided to stick to my ethics and show only my bird photos. So here they are:

Blackburnian Warbler (male, I think....)

Golden Eagle (check out those talons!)

Snow Goose (note the grin patch)

Savannah Sparrow (at rest)

Red-faced Warbler (rare for these parts)

Black-and-White Warbler

and finally,

Marbled Godwit (note the two-toned, upturned bill).

Good birding!


Kevin said…
Jerry that"s pretty good,I tend to do that in Pet Shops.
Unknown said…
Jerry - very creative - very nice captures.
Laurent said…
that's funny!!!!!
Dale Forbes said…
HI Jerry, I am just a silly african and have never spent any time birding in the states, but how exactly does one recognise a blackburnian warbler. did you hear it call? is that distinctive? because I recently digiscoped some birds that looked just like your blackburnian warbler and they were very vocal (lots of little growling and chirping contact calls). Here are the photos. could you help me with their ID?


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