Ross's Goose at LEMP - 28 Apr 2011

Thanks to several posts from Paul Cypher today, I headed down to Lake Erie Metropark, Wayne Co., MI this evening to look for the Ross's Goose found near the Wave Pool.  Between 6 - 6:30 pm I was able to digiscope the bird from about ~100 ft. using a Zeiss 85T*Fl Diascope and 45X W eyepiece, Nikon Coolpix P6000 and homemade adaptor.  I set exposure compensation to -1.7 and shot Aperture Priority.

The bird was feeding in the grass among several, larger Canada Geese.  An all-white goose w/ black primaries, pink legs and pink, stubby bill all looked good for Ross's Good. 

I made sure to get some closeup images so that I could check out its grin patch.  There is some black, but the grin patch appears to be small enough. 

This bird could be a possible Snow Goose X Ross's Goose hybrid, but I'll have to leave that to the experts to sort out. 

It was great seeing Darlene Friedman there, as well! 


Laurent said…

Great pics, as usual. I have a question that you might find very naive. Is your exposure compensation choice based on the color of the goose? Would you have made a different choice is a brant would have been next to the snow? What exposure compensation would you have picked then?

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