And Now We Wait! - 31 Jul 2011

I received word from Josh Clark yesterday that he had talked to the Detroit Army Corp. of Engineering regarding the the pumping of dredgings into Cell 3 at Pt. Mouillee.  He was told that the pumping was scheduled to end this weekend!
I arrived this morning to find no pumping occurring in Cell 3.  Of course, it is Sunday, so we'll have to wait until tomorrow to see if its over for good. In the meantime, Cell 3 has a fresh mudflat and relatively low water levels.  Cherise Charron and I managed to spot 3 Lesser Yellowlegs and 3 Least Sandpipers fly over the mudflats relatively low, but they did not land (they tried in a few places but continued to hover and fly away).  I have a feeling that they recognized that it is not safe to land on (even for shorebirds ) at this point.  We may need a week or so for the mud to settle and dry enough to support shorebird activity.  So, we'll wait!


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