A Very Short Outing - 02 Oct 2011

We made a quick drive to Lake Erie Metropark this morning. Clear skies and mild temps promised to bring a good Turkey Vulture migration at the hawk watch.  They did not disappoint.

By 9:30 am big numbers of thes behemoths kettled over Celeron Island and Canada, then streamed northward and overhead as they crossed the channel in front of the boat launch. 

The day's summary can be found at HawkCount:

Sadly, we had places to be so my time at the hawk watch was all of 7 minutes.  I did manage this composite of a soaring Broad-winged Hawk, however, before leaving.

The woods behnid the Marshland Museum were fairly quiet until a large flock of White-throated Sparrows moved through.  A short time later a large flock of Myrtle (Yellow-rumped) and Palm Warblers moved through.  Among them was a single female Western Tanager.  Note the reddish bill, and whitish lower wingbar and hint of a yellowish upper wingbar.  Both Scarlet and Summer Tanagers lack wingbars.  Thanks to Andy Johnson for pointing this out!


Andy said…
Now, that's looking a lot like a female Western Tanager. It's got that reddish bill, both whitish and yellowish wingbars, and grayish wings...

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