Willow Run Airport Redux - 27 Dec 2013

With reports of a Rough-legged Hawk and a Northern Shrike at Willow Run airport yesterday I decided to make a return trip.  It was cloudy and overcast (AGAIN) but I decided to go, anyway.  I arrived shortly before 9 am and headed to the north end of Beck Rd. (near Ecorse) where I spotted the Rough-legged Hawk sitting high in a tree.  I was able to drive close enough to get some photos from inside the car and watch the bird for several minutes.  When it reared up to squirt I knew it was going to take off - I missed the takeoff.

I then drove the Service Drive along the south end of the airport and found 3 Snowy Owls - one on a fence near the east end, one at the corner just a few feet from the fence, and another up on the hill to the south of the service drive.  This bird was close enough for a couple quick photos from the top of the car, and a couple of digiscoped images through the fence.

I would later find an Eastern Meadowlark along the fence near the Tyler Rd. entrance, but the bird took off over the trees to the north. I could not relocate the Northern Shrike.

A quick trip to Visteon / Grace Lake yielded only a single Great Black-backed Gull.

I then drove down to Pt. Mouillee hoping to find the Rough-legged Hawk that I found a couple of days ago.  I would spot a Red-tailed Hawk, and a nice male Northern Harrier, but no Roughie.  A fly-by flock of Tundra Swans were a nice consolation, as were a group of Great Blue Herons off of Campau Rd.


Nick Scobel said…
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Nick Scobel said…
Gorgeous shots Jerry! I love your blog and linked it over on my blog, check it out sometime. Have a great new year!


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