Some New Visitors - 05 Jul 2015

I've moved the hummingbird feeder a bit closer to the house so that I could try to get better closeups of the Ruby-throated Hummingbirds. This gorgeous male comes by every 20-30 minutes or so, and stays only seconds. Trying to capture that iridescent gorget is tricky!

Saw a Black-crowned Night Heron fly over the house this morning. That, and hearing a Black-billed Cuckoo behind the house brings the yard list to #51!

Despite their notorious nature, even a Brown-headed Cowbird can look very handsome in the right light.

This young Mourning Dove is showing lots of fresh feathers - check out those fringes!

The male Rose-breasted Grosbeak is starting to get used to the feeder. Its kinda odd that the male Ruby-throat seems to appear right after the male grosbeak does. Competition for best throat color???

Despite the hawk attack from a few nights ago, the Mallard family has taken up thistle-feeding the last several evenings. While mom holds sentry duty the young six frantically gobble up any thistle that is lying on the ground. They've been picking the ground clean!

A half-dozen young Red-winged Blackbirds have been coming to the feeder lately, including this stunning female! Check out that yellow!

All photos taken w/ the Nikon 1 V3 + FT1 Adapter + 300/2.8 VRII + 1.7TCIII ~ 1377 mm EFL.


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