Sunday, April 21, 2019

Easter at Magee - 21 Apr 2019

Happy Easter! The rains have subsided and the Sun is about to shine. In the meantime, the cool, breezy morning produced a few nice birds at Magee Marsh in NW Ohio. This Ring-necked Duck was a nice start. The drake was swimming with a hen in the canal along the causeway and provided a nice early morning, low-light pic or two.

The boardwalk was relatively slow, but small flocks of Ruby-crowned Kinglets and Blue-gray Gnatcatchers were moving through. A Pine Warbler was also seen, but poorly photographed. Other birds included White-breasted and Red-breasted Nuthatches, Brown Creeper, Wood Ducks, Yellow-rumped Warbler, and Sora.

I then drove over to Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge and saw the Common Loon swimming in the pond in front of the Visitor's Center. A quick run through the Wildlife Drive yielded a Horned Grebe, Great Egret and a pair of Trumpeter Swans.

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