DRIWR Evening Walk - 11 May 2021

Robin and I took a drive down to the Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge. I was interested in looking for the Blue Grosbeak that has been frequenting the short trail just inside the entrance to the wildlife trails. 

After walking around to the outdoor education center I scanned the grassy field where the bird has been seen. As I scanned the dead trees without luck I walked to the west side of the trail where I spotted it flying into a low branch. Unfortunately, it didn't stay and kept flying across the trail into the flooded swamp on the west side of the trail. 

I ran into Diane Kovach and her friend Lori and we chatted for a bit. We hung around long enough to see some House Wrens, White-breasted Nuthatch, Blue-gray Gnatcatchers, and a pair of orioles: an adult male Baltimore Oriole and a juvenile male Orchard Oriole!

As it turns out my camera settings were way off so I wouldn't have gotten anything but blurry photos. I'll try again tomorrow?


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