Wilson's Phalarope @ LEMP, Pt III - 27 Mar 2021



Once the female Wilson's Phalarope had stopped gagging on a mucous sausage she wandered over to the path and was soon joined by the male. As I focused on the female I noticed that the male initiated a mating ritual. They squawked at each other, then the male began to circle the female before lifting off and hovering above her. He then attempted to initiate copulation while she continued to walk in a circle (possibly to dislodge the male?).

After scanning all 300+ files in this sequence I've concluded that no copulation actually took place. The male initiated, and the female resisted. She shook him off, he pleaded, and reluctantly walked away. They eventually flew back to their starting point and was joined by a 3rd (male) phalarope. Sorry pal. Better luck next time.


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