Yellow-billed Cuckoos - 30 May 2021

Robin and I took an afternoon walk at Crosswinds Marsh in Wayne Co., MI. We headed through the woods off the parking lot and headed north around the ponds. As we exited the woods I heard the distinct 'cadump-cadump-cadump-cadump' of a Yellow-billed Cuckoo. A second bird answered several dozen yards farther south and they serenaded each other for a few moments. Try as I might I could not locate either through the canopy foliage, so I continued on. 

The last of the spring warblers included American Redstart and Yellow Warbler and they were replaced by the Warbling Vireos and Gray Catbirds. Yellow-breasted Chats continue in the area but I did not see or hear them this afternoon.

We spotted a family of Mute Swans on the pond.

I thought I heard a Sedge Wren but couldn't get it to respond over the calls of local Marsh Wrens.

Pond Lillies are blooming.

Painted Turtles are sunning themselves. 


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