Golden Eagle - 11 Nov 2021

A Snow Goose was reported at Lake Erie Metropark this morning, and I was about to run out the door to look for it. Robin threatened to beat me with a shovel if I ran out since she was making lunch...:) So I waited. Thankfully.

She headed off to school and I headed to Lake Erie Metropark. At the corner of North Huron River Drive and West Jefferson I sat at the light and saw a soaring raptor. Lack of dihedral and lanky flight habit gave me enough pause to grab the bins and look a second time. When the bird banked and I saw that large white tail with black terminal band, and white wing patches I knew instantly that I was watching a Golden Eagle.

I quickly continued through the light and sped down the street to get some pics of the circling eagle before it drifted away to the north over the metropark.

I turned around and expected to see it soaring over the entrance of the metropark, but saw it circling over West Jefferson and the area just to the west. So, I drove up and stopped in the median, and with no traffic, was able to grab a couple thousand images from inside the car as the bird soared overhead. If only I had a bit more fill lighting. No complaints, though, as I was happy to finally get some close pics of a nemesis bird.

As the Golden Eagle drifted out of view I then drove into the park to look for the Snow Goose, which could be seen in the marsh just adjacent to the walking trail that bisects the field just north of the Wave Pool. I managed to get some shots of the bird from the shoreline before it took off with a flock of Canada Geese and disappeared to the south.


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