Skulkers - 10 Nov 2021

I headed to Lake Erie Metropark early this morning to check out the Detroit River Hawk Watch. Skies were clear and temps were in the low 50's, so it was a nice day to explore. First stop was the marsh just west of the Wave Pool.

With the Sun peaking over the trees the thickets were active with sunning sparrows. I spotted a Swamp Sparrow that was close enough to digiscope.

A few minutes later a White-throated Sparrow made an appearance and allowed some digiscoping.

As I headed closer to the water I spotted the remains of a 6-point buck that was all-but stripped of organic matter. Coyotes? Piranhas?

A single Greater Yellowlegs was among numerous Mallard and the first Northern Shovelers of the season. A flock of ~200 Rusty Blackbirds were swarming the trees just east of the park office as I headed toward the north end of the park.

I then headed over to the Marshland Museum and walked the trails along the east side of the marsh. A much healthier version of the previous photo appeared and pondered my presence before continuing along the trail.

I heard a Carolina Wren singing from the marsh near the museum itself but nothing else until a Winter Wren sang somewhere from inside the wooded trails. At the north end of the trail another Swamp Sparrow paused long enough for me to grab the scope and a few digiscoped pics before it scampered into the grass. Another Winter Wren called but would not show itself. 

I then continued down to the boat launch where the hawk count was being conducted. I could tell immediately that action was non-existent, so rather than bugging the counters I took a walk along the Cherry Trail just south of the count site. I was glad I did as I ran into my buddy Greg Drewno from work and hadn't seen him since he retired last year. 

After catching up I continued on past the bridge where I finally spotted a Winter Wren ducking in and out of cover among the rocks lining the shoreline. Some quick focusing w/ the Sony a1 and I was able to net a few photos of the little skulker.


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