Elusive Flycatchers - 15 May 2022

Robin and I took an afternoon walk at Willow Metropark. Parking at Washago Pond we walked the bike path north toward Lower Huron. An Eastern WoodPewee singing overhead came in close enough to allow a few photos.

A pair of massive Soft-shell Turtles were sunning themselves along the Huron River shoreline and commanded our attention.

When we returned I took a ride over to the Refuge and walked the trails. Baltimore Orioles and Eastern Kingbirds were actively calling and chasing each other around as I entered the trailhead.

An Eastern Phoebe appeared nearby and allowed a few pics.

Warblers were scarce. I did pick up a Nashville Warbler high in the canopy. A Warbling Vireo also appeared overhead. 

House Wrens were singing, but playing hard to get. 

I then headed to Lake Erie Metropark and walked the Marshland Museum Trail. A Swainson's Thrush was singing quietly from the southwest side of the trail. Otherwise it was just American Robins, Gray Catbirds and Yellow Warblers singing. A Blue-gray Gnatcatcher was seen near Luc's house but was too far to photograph.

With word of a pair of Wilson's Phalaropes being seen near the Wavepool the hopes are high for another nesting season at LEMP!


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