American Bittern - 06 Jun 2022

With rain forecasted for this afternoon/evening I decided to make a quick run to Pt. Mouillee SGA to look for the Plegadis ibis and Black-necked Stilts. Clouds were moving in and 2-3" of rain were expected, so I figured it would be a short outing.

I parked a Mouillee Creek and rode around to the Walpatich Unit. Marsh Wrens were singing from the reeds just to my left as I rode, but sprinkles urged me on around the east side, then north end of the unit. I did not see any ibis, but did somehow spot an American Bittern in the grassy portion of the unit. 

I took a digiscoped video from about 60 yds away:

A few digiscoped images later I turned my attention to a walk-by Sandhill Crane. Then a fly-by Forster's Tern.

The rain temporarily stopped, so I took my chances on the pumphouse. 
As I rode past the Nelson Unit I spotted a female Yellow-headed Blackbird out in a fluddle.

I failed to see any stilts, so I decided to continue on toward the Vermet/Humphries Units along the Middle Causeway. I spotted the Black-bellied Plover briefly, but it flew off before I could take any pics. I was more interested in the drake Green-winged Teal that was sitting on the shoreline of the Humphries Unit. This bird seems late for this time of year.

As I turned back to ride to the car the rains started coming down. I got soaked riding the bike as hard as I could to get back to the car. I rode past a Painted Turtle on the side of the dike and decided it did not need rescuing. I only stopped briefly when I saw 3 large birds flying toward the pumphouse, but they turned out to be Double-crested Cormorants.

Thoroughly-soaked I headed home.


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