Prothonotary Warbler - 16 Jun 2022

Robin and I drove to Toledo for the day. She had a Neon Glass-Making Course at the Glass Pavilion while took a short trip to Maumee Bay State Park to look for a Tri-colored Heron.

Though I would dip on the heron, a couple pair of Prothonotary Warblers were wonderful consolation prizes. First heard with their loud "Sweet-Sweet-Sweet" call I quickly found them 20' off the ground in bare snags. One pair w/ a mouthfull of spiders spent time at eye-level in the cattail marsh singing just a few feet away.

A pair of Blue Dasher dragonflies landed long enough for a few quick images.

Cattails in the marsh made for nice compositions in the hazy, hot, diffused lighting just before the rains came to cool the 90+F temps.

I even managed to get some digiscoped images of a singing male Prothonotary Warbler from 20' away.

As I made my way through the boardwalk behind the Nature Center I came upon a Great Blue Heron cooperative enough to let me digiscope it from 50' away.


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