Sedge Wrens - 06 Aug 2022

Robin and I are back in Cleveland this weekend. After dropping her off at the Morgan Conservatory I took a drive to Mentor Marsh 30 minutes away. I was lucky enough to run into someone at the Mentor Marsh Nature Center who directed me to the Wake Robin Boardwalk where I spent some time surrounded by the lush marsh flora and fauna.

Another hot and humid weekend greeted us so the air was a bit heavy. But that meant calm conditions for photographing the bees and birds in the marsh. 

As I walked the boardwalk into the marsh the sound of Sedge Wrens emanated from the surrounding vegetation. The "Chip-Chip-Chee-Chee-Chee" was distinctive and a nice change from the Marsh Wrens I so commonly hear and see in SE Michigan.

Several wrens were calling from nearby and in no time I had one bird appear next to the boardwalk. I had to shoot fast as it did not spend much time in the open. 30 fps helps a bunch!

When the wrens were not visible I turned the camera on the bees and butterflies. 

The small ponds were low but a few Painted Turtles, Killdeer and even a Great Blue Heron made appearances. 

I drove and stopped just long enough to catch a Turkey Vulture sunning itself atop a dead snag along the edge of the Lake Erie overlook.


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